The Community at the Heart of the City

Starley Housing Co-operative is a small but thriving community of 125 households living together in the heart of the city of Coventry, though we have 4 outside properties in Coundon also. We house approximately 200 people both in Starley Road itself and in the newly built Vicroft Court.  Our size means that the Co-operative remains relatively small as a Registered Social Landlord.

Working together, with members participating according to their skills and interests, we run the Co-operative ourselves, providing good quality affordable accommodation for people in housing need. After more than 30 years of building our Co-op our members have learned a thing or two about living together as a community and managing their own lives. They know that being part of a Co-op means increased tenant satisfaction, greater involvement and pride in the community and more value for money in terms of management costs.

The Confederation of Co-operative Housing

We are members of the Confederation of Co-operative Housing, the UK organisation for housing co-operatives, tenant-controlled housing organisations and regional federations of housing co-ops. Visit their web site to find out more about housing co-operatives by clicking the link above. As members we firmly believe that the most effective tenant management organisations are those, like us, whose members have greatest control over their housing management, finances and environment. As with all co-operatives we abide by the international 7 Co-operative Principles.

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